1. Staying Healthy: Pharmaceutical Companies & Flu Shots

Staying healthy with sick people around you

Combating the flu is really not all that difficult and in most conditions it is not life threatening. People have gotten the flu for centuries and normally in a few days to a week one would be up and healthy. In the last 5 years the pharmaceutical companies have made everyone fearful enough to think they must purchase a flu shots. In fact, you cannot walk into a drug store without a clerk without any kind of a medical degree or knowledge pushing you towards the pharmacy to get injected with their "all protective flu shot". 

Why has this suddenly become an epidemic?marketing and greed are the answer. What happened to the "deadly" Zika virus that actually has not killed anyone but the nardol neurotoxin sprayed on only one poor community in Florida as their test pilot surely may. Guaranteed as soon as the pharmaceutical industry has its patented Zika vaccine it will again become all prevalent in the media and a sudden epidemic that you will definitely die from according to whichever pharmaceutical stands to gain the most from its new vaccination. 

So let's go back to the flu shot. You will find approximately 10 strains or less of influenza virus in a vaccine when there are thousands out there. Why do you need protection against only those and not Thousands. Now what happens if you get the shot and the strains of flu in your area are not those you have just had injected into your body? Here lies the next concern- you do not get the flu via a muscular injection normally - it is either inhaled or ingested. The fastest means of transmitting something into your body is an injection. You have now injected yourself with strains of the flu you may not have been exposed to transmitted in a foreign way to the body. 

Could this epidemic be caused by pharmaceuticals? Who are actually dying?5!people a year out,of millions? Why did they Updike- were they immune compromised to begin with? The elderly, small children who just went through a battery of systemic vaccines their bodies could not handle.

How do you combat the flu? I have seen hundreds of sick patients and I do not get sick, why? I work every day to build my immune system. Antioxidants daily including high doses of vitamin C powdered 4000-5000/day maintenance dose( also found in orange juice which I make and consume daily) warm lemon water, a good antioxidant contains glutathione, zinc, vit c,eland vitamin a, cod liver oil every day.

Vitamin d protects against pylori and influenza. Why the sun disappears in the winter the vitamin d and flu protector gets depleted.

I exercise one hour/day 5 days/week to help oxygenation and circulation.

In the event I feel run down or stressed,

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