Health Packages 

Do you have a medical condition you are unable to cure? Have you been to numerous doctors or specialist without finding a solution to your health? If you are feeling tired, or exhausted from the stress of life and work? Are you experiencing headaches or erratic moods, lingering musculoskeletal pain or tension? Are you unable to sleep? Do you get anxious or experience bouts of depression? Do you have a lingering cough or recurrent infections? Does your stomach pain or do you have difficulty with regular bowel movements. Are you experiencing hormonal imbalances such as mood swings, night sweats or hot flashes, insomnia? If you answered yes to any of these questions or more than one, A health consultation package with Dr.Lynn may be your solution. Dr. Lynn has successfully treated many patients with her holistic approach and through her knowledge of the conditions and what causes many of them including such things as lifestyle habits, stress, certain foods, hormonal imbalances, glandular or nutritional deficiencies, allergies, environmental toxins, immune suppression she can ask a few poignant questions and give basic tools to help your symptoms where no other health professional previously had. If you are in need of a solution to your health concerns Click on the links below and choose at package right for you.


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Individual Health Kits

Individual health packages start with basic phone consultations to address acute or chronic symptoms where Dr. Lynn can give you valuable educational tools or more premium and comprehensive which give you a comprehensive package of workbooks, phone or skype sessions with Dr. Lynn, dietary plans, supplement and medicine analysis, and nutritional advice to aide in discovering tools you can utilize for healing. To order your Basic, Premium or Comprehensive packages:


Corporate Health Packages 

Dr. Lynn’s corporate workshops and programs help employers maximize their employees health and productivity.Dr. Lynn Her practice is located just a mile from the technology hub of companies Amazon, Facebook, Google, and Microsoft. Thus, much of her practice is focused on the stress related issues of her patients including anxiety, nutritional deficiencies, muscle tension, pain, adrenal fatigue and cardiovascular symptoms and weight reduction. Her corporate programs are customized to the needs of each company and its employees. Corporate programs will optimize your employees health and may include reducing stress related issues, improving energy, endocrine and brain function through nutritional programs, smoking cessation, weight reduction and ensuring regular screening tests. If you run a corporation or manage a group of people within your business, having your employees feel their best optimizes their productivity.


Health Packages