Concussion Rehabilitation




Increasing circulation to the brain and helping to heal brain tissue as well as giving you cognitive tools to change the lingering mental and emotional effects are the focus of this retreat surrounded by water and is the focus of the therapies which will include waste, acupuncture, massage Key components of healing a traumatic brain injury include: Increasing circulation to the brain Increasing brain nutrients Decreasing brain inflammation Reducing inflammation around nerve pathways Healing muscle spasms and inflammation Increasing muscle range of motion and strength Calming the nervous system Facilitating calming emotional responses Sleep and rest facilitation therapies include: Calming brain activity, acute emotional outbursts and irritability through: Waste, Cranial sacral Massage Yin yoga


Increasing circulation and decreasing inflammation through herbal medicine acupuncture Decreasing muscle spasms Each day of your retreat, each person will be put on a unique individualized brain therapy program which will include alternating days of acupuncture, massage, cranial sacral. Watsu water therapy nutritional therapy, homeopathy, brain nutrients, sleep nutrients, supplement and omega 3’s additional classes will include yoga, stretch, and meditation, delta wave audio therapy


The location will be determined at a later date. Details are being sorted out in the next few weeks, we will post as soon as they have been updated! 

Thanks for your patience! 


Join Dr. Lynn von Schneidau and her trained therapists for this one of a kind healing and rehabilitation retreat for concussion rehabilitation. This week long intensive retreat is full of specific therapies daily to help heal ones brain and nervous system after suffering a TBI Concussions are extremely common in our society — an estimated 75% of all people will experience one in their lifetime. a considerable number of people, the negative effects can last for months and years including anxiety, irritability, and depression coinciding with physical symptoms like headaches, fatigue, nausea, and dizziness; As well as cognitive symptoms including problems with memory, decision making, and concentration difficulties. If you have had a concussion and still have lingering symptoms including headache, dizziness, fatigue, irritability, insomnia, concentration/memory difficulty, and intolerance to stress/emotion/alcohol this retreat can help you.