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"Holistic Healing in a beautiful Environment"

Haramara Upper Yoga Palapa; Room with a 360 degree view of the Jungle and ocean

Haramara Upper Yoga Palapa; Room with a 360 degree view of the Jungle and ocean

SAYULITA, MEXICO: October 26-November 2, 2019.

Yoga and Detoxification: mind, body and soul:

Daily mind, body and spirit classes in a beautiful beach setting.

Revive your Spirit, increase your vitality and health through yoga, juicing, whole foods.

Join Dr. Lynn von Schneidau, Naturopathic Physician for this 7 day life and health changing Journey toward self discovery. This retreat is for anyone who wants to regain energy, vitality, balance and health in a beautiful serene environment next to the ocean. You will discover whole foods, juices, and daily classes to detoxify, heal and revive your spirit in a beautiful setting with yoga and food as medicine to rejuvenate your soul. Enjoy daily mind, body and spirit classes for transforming your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual health. This healing retreat will calm your mind, nervous system, increase your energy and balance your hormones. You will learn tools for transforming emotions and thoughts and practice daily meditations and exercises for mental and spiritual clarity. The combination of food, juicing, ocean air, a group setting with support and instruction, massages, salt scrubs, beautiful scenery, and yoga will make this a week that will cleanse your body and heal your soul.


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About Dr. Lynn von Schneidau

Dr.Lynn von Schneidau is a graduate of Bastyr University and has been a doctor of naturopathy and family medicine since 2002. She is a primary care doctor women’s health specialist. Dr.Lynn acts as both a healer and teacher, empowering her patients to take control of their health. Dr. Lynn’s approach examines not only the physical symptoms, but also addresses the emotional, mental and spiritual aspects of health. She brings compassion and her own prior health crisis to create a safe, caring and healing environment for her patients As a primary care doctor, Dr.von Schneidau’s approach is both orthodox with testing methods including standard blood tests, diagnostic testing, comprehensive history, allergy testing, hormonal and nutritional assessment but also treats holistically with alternative medicine through lifestyle, and diet modification, homeopathy, non-allergenic diets, detoxification, homeopathy, cranial sacral, massage and herbal supplements.

Pure Renewal owned and operated by Dr.Lynn von Schneidau began in 2008 from her desire to heal in a beautiful settings and She wanted to take her patients and participants out of their stressful lives and put them in an environment that would take away all the impediments to health. She found Haramara in Sayulita, a place she calls Heaven on Earth and her favorite retreat venue. The retreats address all aspects of health physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. The retreats transform participants lives and health in all areas. Since the initial retreat she has lead 15 retreats at Haramara

Your Daily Healing Classes with Dr. Lynn

Imagine waking up to the sound of the ocean and the birds; to the smell of ocean air and the wonderful cleansing humidity of the jungle. You leisurely stroll up the mountain for your beautiful ashtanga detox based yoga class and your first juice of the day

after your class you enjoy a Whole Foods breakfast and your next juices

your mornings are enhanced each day with classes on healing your mind, body and soul. You will be involved in every aspect of your healing: each day there will be personal workbooks on discovering your history, your story and what makes You unique. you will have the opportunity to explore what makes you think and feel the way you do and how you ended up where you are currently in your life. Looking forward your journey will explore healing stuck patterns, changing habits, changing thoughts and exploring physical symptoms as an expression of your deepest feelings and thoughts.

Through small and large group hands on courses, you will learn to identify your physical symptoms and what they can teach you. Learn how Food can act as your medicine, Herbs that will cleanse and heal you; and homeopathic medicines, cranial sacral holds, energetic chakra and reflexology as tools for increasing your health, improving your mental clarity, balancing your nervous system and your hormones .

Dr. Lynn will give you tools to heal your current symptoms and life issues as well as tools to help you transition into a healthier happier life full of purpose and happiness

Start the morning with healing and connecting yoga classes

Start the morning with healing and connecting yoga classes


Program Add on intensives: healing your soul through emotional connections with Gloria and Bill Kastenberg

Each afternoon you will have the experience of delving deeper into your soul through Emotion-Based Processes facilitated by Gloria and Bill to ask the questions;

What is holding your back? in your life? in your relationship with yourself? in your relationship with other? in your career?

Bill and Gloria through their own loving 30 year relationship and careers as Couples counseling facilitators will help you break down barriers to allow you to know your true essential self, heal and move forward to healthy, fulfilling, prosperous lives.


Past Retreats


Adventure Yoga & Wellness

April 2018- Kihei, Maui - Hawaii

All inclusive - 7 day adventure packed with healthy lifestyle choices and great experiences. 

July 2018

Topics and issues covered on this retreat: anxiety, insomnia, ptst, thyroid, headaches, traumatic brain injuries, trauma, forgetfulness, and rehabilitation. 

Organic Cuisine

On the retreats guests will rejuvenate their bodies with a whole-food, naturally prepped experience every meal. Guests can expect up to three fresh squeezed juices daily, along with healthy natural food schedule. *Itinerary for each retreat will show food schedule. 


Reserve Your Adventure

Hawaiian adventure will include a sunrise Haleakala tour, coral reef snorkeling, offshore sailing, lagoon kayaking, and bamboo forrest hiking tours. Inquire below to see the full itinerary. 

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