Pure Renewal


Pure Renewal

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"Holistic Healing in a beautiful Environment"

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Upcoming Retreats


Adventure Yoga & Wellness

April 2018- Kihei, Maui - Hawaii

All inclusive - 7 day adventure packed with healthy lifestyle choices and great experiences. 

July 2018

Topics and issues covered on this retreat: anxiety, insomnia, ptst, thyroid, headaches, traumatic brain injuries, trauma, forgetfulness, and rehabilitation. 

Organic Cuisine

On the retreats guests will rejuvenate their bodies with a whole-food, naturally prepped experience every meal. Guests can expect up to three fresh squeezed juices daily, along with healthy natural food schedule. *Itinerary for each retreat will show food schedule. 


Reserve Your Adventure

Hawaiian adventure will include a sunrise Haleakala tour, coral reef snorkeling, offshore sailing, lagoon kayaking, and bamboo forrest hiking tours. Inquire below to see the full itinerary. 

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