Pure Renewal

 Dr. Lynn’s Rejuvenation &
Detoxification: mind, body & soul

Sayulita, Mexico - October 26- November 2, 2019


 Restore, Detoxify, Renew, find your passion and your purpose


your week in paradise

open air cabanas with beautiful soothing views in nature

open air cabanas with beautiful soothing views in nature

single, double,triple and dorm cabanas

you choose the cabana type that suits you or you and your friends. all cabanas are open air cabanas overlooking the ocean and the jungle. Imagine waking up to the sound of the waves, birds chirping and the cleansing salt water air and fragrant flowers and plants.

peaceful sunset soaks in our salt water infinity pool

peaceful sunset soaks in our salt water infinity pool

soul renewal in paradise

imagine waking up in your open air cabana to a warm tropical breeze with the waves crashing in the distance and the birds chirping happily in the jungle. you roll out of your cabana and in a short hike up the mountain (or down the mountain) you wander lazily into the yoga palapa pictured previously. Your week is one of pure relaxation and fun which you are completely in charge of the activities (or not) you choose. You may design your afternoons to be of pure relaxation reading, sleeping in a hammock, walking along the beach, receiving massages, soaking in the salt water pool above or one that involves a more active week of excursions like hiking, surf lessons, ocean plunges or horseback riding.

Detoxifying Whole Foods

Detoxifying Whole Foods

Dr. Lynn’s Detoxification program

What does a detoxification diet look like and why? Our society is full of toxins in the foods we eat, the air we breathe, chemicals in cleaning solutions/ carpets. Everything we ingest must be detoxified by the liver in order to remove the toxin from our bodies. We need the right antioxidants, vitamins, minerals to bind the toxins so they can be excreted. If we do not have those nutrients, the toxins then become stored in our tissues. A detoxification when done properly floods the body with live nutrients(through juices/ Whole Foods/ fiber) and pulls the toxins out of the tissues. The toxins are then bound with detoxifying supplements/ antioxidants so they may be bound and excreted. Dr. Lynn’s Detox menu is a Whole Foods diet of fruits, vegetables, grains, detoxifying soups, juices and teas prepared with love and fresh flavorful herbs to change your tastebuds, and cleanse your body, mind and spirit. You will become clear minded , light, balanced and full of energy

 October 26-November 2, 2019 Sayulita Mexico

Dr. Lynn’s Health Rejuvenation Retreat: Yoga and Detoxification: mind, body and soul:

Daily mind, body and spirit classes in a beautiful beach setting. Revive your Spirit, increase your vitality and health through yoga, juicing, whole foods.

Join Dr. Lynn von Schneidau, Naturopathic Physician for this 7 day life and health changing Journey toward self discovery. This retreat is for anyone who wants to regain energy, vitality, balance and health in a beautiful serene environment next to the ocean. You will discover whole foods, juices, and daily classes to detoxify, heal and revive your spirit in a beautiful setting with yoga and food as medicine to rejuvenate your soul. Enjoy daily mind, body and spirit classes for transforming your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual health. This healing retreat will calm your mind, nervous system, increase your energy and balance your hormones. You will learn tools for transforming emotions and thoughts and practice daily meditations and exercises for mental and spiritual clarity. The combination of food, juicing, ocean air, a group setting with support and instruction, massages, salt scrubs, beautiful scenery, and yoga will make this a week that will cleanse your body and heal your soul.

Your retreat will include mornings filled with yoga and healing classes, beach walks, time in nature, whole foods, freshly made juices brought to you and new friends. Your afternoons are free to relax, go to the beach, get spa treatments, rest in a hammock, go on excursions or shop in Sayulita. Every evening you will reconvene with your group for a sunset meditation and delicious organic fun dinner. Imagine waking up in an open air cabana to the sounds and smells of the ocean, heading down to the beach to walk in the sand and meditate to the waves crashing. You then head to a beautiful open air palapa overlooking the ocean and jungle with your first juice waiting for you there. You begin your morning with yoga with one of the best yoga instructors you will ever know. After breakfast with your new friends, you head to your interactive and fun mind, body and spirit class with Dr. Lynn. These classes help you learn the essenceof what makes you, you and how your can be your ultimate best and healthy in all areas of your life.

Dr. Lynn von Schneidau is a Naturopathic Physician who practices in Seattle Washington. She is a graduate of Bastyr Univiersity and founder and President of Pure Renewal. Her company specializes in teaching wellness classes and she leads health retreats throughout the world. Haramara is one of Doctor Lynn's all-time favorite retreat locations. This will be her 15th retreat at Haramara.

She will be joined by one of her favorite yoga instructors.