I have been a patient of Dr. Lynn Von Schneidauʼs for the past 13 years. I started seeing her after my reconstructive surgery for colon cancer when I developed insomnia, depression, allergies and other ailments associated with all the chemicals I was given after the surgery Dr.Lynn treated me holistically. She is very professional and is the best doctor I have ever had.
— Eletta - Patient
Individually designed on-line health packages to address every health concerns and symptom withersonalized care from our Naturopathic specialist. Health services packages and health kitsprovide a fast comprehensive way for individuals to feel heard and find solutions for healing. Corporate wellness packages and workshops are designed for optimal employee health and productivity.
— Gail, Retreat Guest
“I can say the without Dr. Lynn’s retreat I would not be where I am now with my eating and health
habits. After several weeks, the juicing I learned at Dr. Lynn’s retreat is still going strong. I find I am sticking to juices and a Gluten-free and dairy free diet. On an even more wonderful note I have not had one headache (rather than daily)!!
— Sara - Retreat Guest
We often hear people talk about life-changing events and most of us do experience one or two for sure ..... I can honestly say my experience at Dr. Lynn’s retreat was a life-changing experience. I learned so much about myself through her program and finally grasped what taking care of me meant — physically and emotionally— and have continued a friendship with Dr. Lynn yet today. She opens her own heart and soul to everybody-with such charismatic style and grace. Dr. Lynn and Pure Renewal are truly life changing elements of beauty.
— Michelle, Patient & Retreat Guest