Day 3 - Volcanic Daybreak

Good Afternoon! Day 3 on our Hawaii Immersion retreat. We woke up very early today so our fearless leader and coach Zack could drive us to Haleakala to witness a spectacular sunrise in Maui. Along the way he lead us on our fitness burst hike and got too ambitious even for himself- photo #3! Today is our Heart health day so our food and juices contain plenty of antioxidants, beautiful red colored veggies and stress relieving nutrients. We descended down the mountain to our hatha yoga class with Our yogi Julie to keep our blood pumping and ended with a lovely yin stretch lead by Julie and Jamie. Our evening will be ending with a hearty protein and veggie dinner and maybe even a luau dance thrown in for entertainment and a heart opening sunset beach walk and meditation. What a fabulous day! Cant wait for our soothing water immersion day tomorrow! 

Zach NZ.jpg