Day 5 - Tranquil Rejuvenation

Day 5 - April 26, 2018 Maui immersion
Today is our Tranquil Rejuvenation. After a beautiful active and complete week so far of hiking, daily ocean walks, boot camp, obstacle course, ocean plunges, yoga, juicing classes, cooking classes and health submersions for our mind, body and souls, today we renew and restore our body, brains and nervous system. 
We are fortunate to have an amazing massage therapist, jamie Bolyes on this retreat and one of my favorite all time yoga instructors, Julien Andres( mind you i have been taking yoga classes for the last 18 years so i know the difference between good and incredible!) leading our stretch yoga and therapy class. Together they will combine an interactive class of myofacial Massage stretch and yoga stretch and combined with my homeopathy, nutrition, juicing, supplement and energetic class all that ails us will be relieved!!!
After our gourmet healthy meals an evening beach walk, meditation and ocean plunge will soothe our souls to prepare our for our last full day into the Bamboo forest and all of our healthy final day activities.