Day 6 - Bamboo Forrest Trek

Day 6 - April 27 good morning! Hard to believe it is our last full day of our Maui Health immersion! So excited to travel towards Paia along the road to Hana (way before the twist and turns) to our wonderful trek led by Zach and Jamie into the Bamboo Forest. 
We began our respiratory cleansing day with a lovely beach yoga breathing in the fresh ocean air. Taught by my favorite yoga instructor Julie Andres, she moved us and got our circulation and respiration flowing. We all feel so good, cleansed, happy, healthy. The Hawaiian scents fill our emotional limbic part pf our brains making us joyful and playful. The green color of the bamboo forest also triggers the brain and the parasympathetic nervous system to calm our souls. After stopping along the Hana road for our banana leaf stuffed lunch we head home for a ocean plunge and rest. After another gourmet meal we head to the beach for our closing ceremony and meditation to breathe in the life and greatness we have within us and have been surrounded by all week. What a day!!